There is a lot happening. I feel like the more adult you get the more you have to deal with. All of the adult things that no one really tells you that you will have to do yourself one day. (Like how to plan a wedding that keeps everyone happy! Ha ha!) Then the new year comes and everything start coming out of the wood work! Like finally making doctors appointments and finding health care coverage! Oh and taxes!! Ha Ha Ha!Β I have been missing Jesus. With that said it’s my own fault. I have been ignoring and resisting the urge to scream out for Him lately and it’s begun to drive me nuts. So for this new year, my new starts in life… I’m bringing Him back into the a equation.Β Well to finish this off all I want is to go shopping… more shopping. I got shopping for a Christmas present even this year and have been taking full advantage of my Birthday Month last month! But I want more… Thank goodness I have a wedding and honeymoon to shop for now! πŸ˜‰Loving. Learning. Motivating.

Emily A K

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