We Are Married!! 

We finally did it! We tied all of the knots and are officially husband and wife! It was a day a I’ll never forget, that’s for sure! But now… now I’m a Graham!! 

We arrived to my Husband’s Mother’s house and to start getting ready on February 18th 2017 (The Wedding Day!). It was a very small and simple ceremony inside because once again rain foiled our plans. A family friend did my hair and our photographer LAARNE took over doing my makeup with me and my Mama helped get me all dressed.

(Getting makeup done.)Our beautiful little lemon and banana filling cake was amazing to eat from Rockwells Bakery. And only amazing to look at thanks to Husband’s Brother who took the “Mini Flower Disaster” and turned it into exactly what my brain picture!! 🙏🙌My dress. My lovely, I need to wear it again, why did I ever take it off wedding dress. Vera Wang. Davids Bridal. Holy 😛My younger sister was taking sooo many photos and getting them onto Snapchat! Posing is basically second nature for me now. 😂😘🤵🏻❤️👰🏻Kissing Photo!

Just because… 😍Then the garter! My garter was cubbie blue with even my cubbies logo on it! So cute! (Bonus! My sister gave it to me as a Christmas present a year or two ago as prep for this day! 😉)Our first dance… Awww I couldn’t stop kissing him throughout the whole thing! We danced to “Someone To Give My Love To” by Johnny Paycheck. The amazing husband picked the song and it made my heart swoon! 😍😍😍 And the Husband…

He could not stop stepping on my dress… Could. Not. Stop.

This photo makes me laugh harder every time I look at it! Luckily the rain died down enough that we could take some photos outside. Originally the plan was we where going to get married in the gazebo the Husband’s Mother’s Father built but because it was storming the night before and lightly drizzly the morning off I didn’t want to do it outside with all of the water until some dry time had passed…(if you weren’t aware SoCal has been flooding during this drought season…) It was beautiful.

It was wonderful.

Looking forward to seeing the professional photos soon!!

Look forward to the blog post about our Honeymoon trip next!!

Loving. Healing. Marrying.

Emily Ann Graham 😍😍😍

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