Garden Rain 

This rain you guys has been doing craziness to my garden! My tulips and daffodils are coming out of the ground with so much oomph! Then the succulents I have been stealing from our neighbors yard are all finally rooted awesomly… But bringing with them are these narely weeds! Like woah! Look at those bad boys!! Holy moly! 🌱☘️🌿They are even trying to take over on my other plants! Ahh!! Almost uprooting the whole bulbs!!! But in good news… ALL of my roses look like this right now! Tons of red shoots and starts! No buds yet but they are looking soo hopeful!!! And OMG the lemon tree/ shrub! Soo many tiny buds aalllll over this baby! Even new branches are starting!I love seeing just what natural watering does for the plants this time of year! It just reminds me how amazing we have it here in a SoCal canyon! ⛰🌊🌦☀️🌴💐

Hopefully going to be getting more planted and some more mini gardens started this Spring! Yay!! Now what to plant…? Garden Roses?

Gardening. Clearing. Loving.

Emily A G❤️

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