Honeymoon Honeys ;)

“The mountains are calling and I must go back!” Is my new saying lately. I want to be back in the 20 to even 40 something feet snow drifts and fresh fresh powder!!

I want to be throwing snow balls at my Husband!

I want to wear my snow gear again!

I wanna be back on my honeymoon!!

So about the trip it’s a straight shot up the 395 North bound. You’ll basically run into Mammoth Mountain… Oh that mountains… 😭🏔💚To illustrate the amount of snow that is there I took a picture of our hotel street sign… Can you find it? Surprisingly we did! Closer up! That helped and luckily Husband remembered what the Hotel name was because I couldn’t… When I think snow drifts I usually think someone’s over exaggerating… but I’m not right about that at all. Oh my golly… snow to the roof in parts! Luckily we had a room on the second floor so we had an actual view out the window!! The room had heated bathroom floors, waterfall shower stall, king bed, gas fire place and a view out the window that was crazy to me!! We got to the hotel and we reeaallllly needed coffee. So to find a coffee shop walk we went! I needed a photo of me with this snow drift… you guys… it was soo tall!! We found one! In Mammoth it’s called The Looney Bean and oh sweet Jesus if and when you go get a Velvet Elvis! Oh and the owner!! She is amazing. Sat and talked with us for over an hour about life and stories! Another snow drift in front of the hotel!! The next day it STORMED! We had planned to go snow mobiling but because of the storm they cancelled everything! So we went to the spa and relaxed and took a drive after to see all the new snow! We couldn’t even drive on a bunch of the roads! This one was fuulllll of fresh powder! Look at that winter wonderland! 🌨🌬❄️☃️We only got 1 full day in Mammoth but it was totally worth it! The drive back down the mountain during the store was beautiful (and terrifying a bit) and such an adventure getting the snow chains back off the tires on the side of the freeway!! This was sooo one of my favorite things to see!! The high dessert was soo cold and so warm that snow covered the mountains but dirt and sand on the ground. I’m so in love with just this color mixture! Home again home again! Back to my canyon to keep an eye on the new storms rolling through and getting back to work on my Etsy shop!

Loving. Honeymooning. Planning.

Emily A G❤️

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