Loretta and Sue 

I love these two. They have been sooo cute lately and it’s been totally distracting! And a bit crazy. 

Example… you may of seen my social media posts when I was redoing my photos of these two not letting me do my product photos…

📸🐶🐱Snuggling on the couch with me… Loretta loves her sweaters. She gets sad without them when it’s this chilly out. She’s not a snow or winter dog at all!! She’s more a snuggle on a couch in cute warm clothes dog… Just like her mama 😉 Sue Sue is the giver of baths in our house. He cleans Darla, Loretta, and Mama and Dada! He grabs our hands and starts licking and biting on our fingers!! It’s adorable and can be painful. I love it… I never usually have my phone on me to take a photo but I had my phone and oh how adorable! Bathroom floor snuggles while we get ready for our showers…. and some more couch snuggles…They where getting super annoyed by my photo taking. I think mostly because whenever I bring out my phone Loretta decides she has to pose for me. And well Sue… Sue then has to stop cleaning her. Ha ha!!See how unhappy He is!! LMaO!!Well I hope you like my cuteness update!! I just love my little fur babies!

Loving. Living. Petting.

Emily A G❤️


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