Apricot Baked Brie

This Apricot Brie Dip is a fannnnn favorite! (My fans usually are family and friends) For me this is a delicate process because my oven hates me please remember. So to start. 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and get your gear. You’ll need 1 Brie round, a pack of crescent rolls and apricot jam, jelly or perseveres. Roll out your crescent dough flat. Seal edges and broken spots with spoon like sooo… Do not press to hard… you’ll just rebreak it. Lol 😆 Beautiful….Throw on two big spoonfuls of the Apricot onto the pastry. And then smear it around. Allllll around! Put the Brie round in the center of the pastry and start folding over the sides to close it all up! The corners/sides are the most difficult. Sometimes Apricot just oozes out! No big deal y’all. Just keep on going. Life is life. Move to a greased cookie sheet and get it in the oven! Meanwhile I had to chop up the rest of our dinner. That night happened to be a cheese, meat and cracker plate. Then veggies and ranch! Oh my God you guys my oven is killing me. Pay attention to your Brie. Don’t burn the crust but too light means the folds are not all done cooking through. Not so pro tip… THIS IS NOT DONE! The inside folds and not done cooking. You will get a doughy mouthful…Once again I took it out early and still not done… This is how my life had been going on this day. UghThis my loves. This is done. It was oozing! Oozing is ALWAYS good!! And not too dark of a golden brown. And now your all done and ready to eat! Congrats you did it! You monitored, you baked and you deserve cheese! Look at that cheese ooze… 🧀🥖💚Dinner! Dinner dinner dinner time!! I hope you enjoyed the recipe! Let me know if you try and how to goes in the comment section!

Living. Healing. Cheesing.

Emily A G❤️

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