Scrapbook Obsessed 

I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years now!!

That is something that feels almost insane to say by the way… 

I started because one summer in Texas my Southern Cousin Kerrie decided to teach me! I had sooo much fun taking the photos, printing them, and designing the space for them that I got hooked! In the past my books never had any real themes. They where of all random times in my life because well I was 14 and just had all of the photos my family had taken and I would just cut them up and design books. (Let me tell you that wasn’t always approved cutting!😊) I would show you some pics of those books but sadly they are in a storage unit that is filled with so many boxes it would take more to find the boxes then just to write the post without them. As well as go to the grocery store 😉

So instead you get some photos of the mess that I allow into the house at the moment. So basically all I have collected in the passed 4 years!!😁  Awww Jasmine pages… 😩 I miss her so much… 

To scrapbook you will need; paper, pens, markers, photo glue, scissors, photo cutter, stencils, more paper, a book to put it all in, some binders and boxes to hold all of your things, and lots I mean LOTS of stickers! Your local craft store should have over a billion of them so be prepared for sticker over load! The white bins doesn’t even have alllllll of the stickers I have. (Storage…) This is the inside of just one of my craft/ scrapbook boxes. Glue, paint, stationary, tape, napkin patterns, hot glue, and more stickers in the bottom. Oh holy paper options! I love getting just the big packs of multi design papers. The singles I feel are only worth it if you find just the perfect beyond perfect design. (Which does happen… and often.☺️)This binder was a super awesome gift I got a whiles back from someone that understood my need to organize as much as possible!! It fits basically of my paper, stencils, photo slicer, hole puncher, and glue dots! It’s amazing…. And some of Loretta and Sue… awww… My next one I’m working on is The engagement and wedding scrapbook!! I have been using FreePrints like CRAZY the passed few months just getting all the photos together! I’m in love with this App you guys… When I start putting that book together I’ll go into more details about the ins and outs of scrap booking and show photos or my photo memory storage… pictures of pictures. 😂 Cracks me up every time…

Loving. Scrap booking. Living.

Emily A G❤️


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