Flashback Friday! BBQ Ribs and Sauce

I decided to do a Flash Back post about one of the recipes I was obsessed with last year… and that my friends is the BBQ Ribs! BBQ Ribs Post 

I’m not sure if you remember fully but I was in love. A hardcore romance with Ribs and the amazing BBQ Sauce I was making with them! I have to say this recipe almost became a weekly offender in our home! And now… now I’m going to bring it back! Bwahahahaha!!!!!

Also I wanted to attach to the same post the link to the BBQ Sauce I was using… still use… I make it all of the time. BBQ Sauce

To make this post not just about what I have done I want to tell you IM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW RECIPES!!

I’m looking and hunting down some new BBQ sauces and rubs to create and I have to tell you Spciy and Honey are in my keywords!! 😉 If you know of some I should look at or a blog that has a good one feel free to mention them in the comments below!!

Loving. Living. Cooking.

Emily A G ❤️


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