Motivation As Of Now… 

Being married… it can be some majorly hard work or it can just breeze on by. A couple months of wedding bliss has passed and it’s been some UPS and some downs… But it’s all an adjustment so it’s all good 😊 

I’m trying to let go of all the unnecessary drama from my life at the moment which means I have been practicing my disconnect and finding some time for myself. So if you are not one of my monkeys…. You’ll most likely not be in my circus… 😁This… This is just a helpful reminder. A reminder that it’s totally exceptable and always a great choice to be an odd one!☝️😜 The Odd One. My work motivation lately is sadly more along these lines! 😂 Getting most things done lately is actually taking extreme amounts of effort to accomplish. I’m not at all proud of this or feeling good about it in the slightest but I’m also aware that sometimes a creative break is needed and I can’t complain about having an artistic mind and it needing time to process. 😉Well that’s all for now my darlings! Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media at these platforms for some fun and instant news 😉

Loving. Motivating. Living.

Emily A G❤️


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