April 2017 Recap! ✨

April was so insane people! 

It was Sister’s Birthday, Mama In Laws Birthday, Easter, Loretta’s Birthday and ORDERS! Orders like amazing you guys! I’m so happy and over joyed by just the whole month!

Even with a small lack of motivation I still pushed through. That’s the lesson there… I had also gotten the chance to post some fun videos on FB and Instagram so be sure to check them out when you can!

Loretta always loves her clothing. It’s a big deal to her. So it wasn’t a surprise how much she loved her Easter dress. I didn’t post anything about them but that’s because I wanted to share it hear first! Because I ❤️ you. She’s so adorable and wasn’t posing well for my phone but doing great for grandma’s camera!My Instagram recap… I posted mostly about the babies this month as you can tell! With a little bit of painting added in 😉Then I also got sometime in the kitchen at the end of the month and decided to spoil my Husband just a bit. Spicy Honey BBQ Ribs with Vanilla Rainbow Cake for dessert. I can say he loved it! Recipes to come so keep your pants on 😉Also, if you weren’t aware… I’m learning how to hand stitch… embroider…what old married women do. That thing. But I’m learning! Practice makes perfect and oh my gosh I’m practicing a lot! Oh yes and the flowers!! Oh the beautiful Springing flowers!! (Don’t forget my rose protectors too! 🐞)

Hope you enjoyed the recap! See ya next time!

Creating. Living. Relaxing.

Emily A G❤️

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