Fryer Chicken From The Heavens

I have to be honest… lately I have been making this chicken at least once a week. I use it for almost everything… Pulled chicken for sandwiches and salads for lunch. Pulled chicken smothered in warm BBQ Sauce atop of a mash and corn mix… This chicken just makes life easier… happier… delicouslier…(That’s not a word I’m aware but this chicken…)

Crockpot Chicken: Wash your bird. Get all that inner gunk out. Pat it down with a paper towel. Place in crockpot. In a separate bowl mix up 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons of; Basil, Garlic Powder, Ground Onion, Ground Red Pepper, Ground Thyme, and Paprika, then add 1 Tablespoon of Black Pepper and Salt. Stir it together. Drizzle and massage is some olive oil. About a tablespoon and a half all over the chicken. Sprinkle on your mixed up herbs and spices. Massage those on in… 💥 Done! Time to atop with some fresh rosemary and go on and leave it alone for 4 hours!There we go. Now Crockpot it for 4 hours on high. That is as low as my crockpot will go. 🙃I let mine cool out for about 20 minutes before serving on a serving plate depending on what it’s being used for. If not it can be sliced and diced or just left whole and put in a container and use it later from the fridge. 

This is the recipe where I adapted and played with the recipe from. The original: Roasted Chicken

Cooking. Creating. Eating.

Emily A G❤️


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