New Plants! 

I’m so excited we went plant shopping!! I got all kinds of goodies! And guess what you guys… a whole bunch of them are gonna be used for Emily’s Ardor Products!! (All new stuff coming soon!)

This bush/ possible tree is from Africa and if you run some of the leaves on your fingers they will smell is Movie Popcorn!!! WHAT?! This beauty is called “Popcorn Cassia”These buddies are gonna make life a bit sweeter now! Sugar Plants!! You can seriously just take a leaf off drop it in your coffee and it’s like using a pack of Splenda!! Oh the miricales of Mother Nature! The little white flowers that bloom on these are so cute too! Just makes sense it tatstes like sugar.😉 “You’re turning Violet, Violet!”We got 3 of these littles and they are gonna spread like wild flowers! I hope!!🤞Look at that pretty, little, tiny, purple flower! Oh these are gonna smell amazing! What to make… what… to… make… African Blue Basil has these BEAUTIFUL purple flowers that reminds me of Lavender blooms. It has the same amazing Basil smell and taste and I’m just waiting for the right moment to make something with it!! Then I ended up going a little Mint crazy… I have been obsessing over Mint for the passed two months and just kept not finding the right one over and over again!! So flipped finally I found 3 different types now I can start playing with! First is the Orange Mint. Then the Strawberry Mint. Look at how delicious that looks!! So far all I have used this one for is putting into water with lemons! And then Mint Basil! Yes again… WHAT?! It’s beautiful and smells amazing! But it’s getting these little holes in the leaves. I think it’s getting munched on. I think by this little guy… We got an Apple Tree too!! A Granny Smith Apple Tree! This tree is to replace the tree that died in our front yard this spring. I’m beyond stoked for this to get big and beautiful on the property!! It even came with two babies already started! We also got a bunch of Lemon plants! Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass! All to be used as well soon!! (Have I mentioned how excited I am?! Because I really am!!!!!!)That’s all of our garden trip haul! This place we went is called “Latina Hills Nursery” in Santa Ana CA. It’s an amazing place with great selections and the friendliest of friendly staff! Everyone knows everything, they repot all of their citrus for better survival, they took us on a tour and gave answers for any questions and they where just so awesome!

Next time we go back, which will probably be pretty soon, I’ll get photos of the place so you can see too!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below!

Living. Gardening. Planting.

Emily A G❤️

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