May 2017 Recap ✨

The theme for this May has been of course all of the new growth in my gardens and life! We have been doing so major landscaping improvements as well as readjusting our living situation all month long!! I was so ecstatic to show posts about how I’m using my company to do some basic recycling practices, started some testing on new Lip Balm scents, I got to show off all of the amaze balls new plants I got, missed my Mama on Mother’s Day, did some flashing back to chocolate covered amazingness and did some fun EA redesign work! I’m having so much fun learning how to do logos and new designs! Updating things and learning the “blogging process” has been so interesting!  Then at the end of May we got our dead tree FINALLY removed and I was so happy I needed some photos! Now we are prepping the hole, with fertilizer and grass clipping for extra nitrogen, so we can get our new addition The Apple Tree happily in the ground!! Love this hole…. Hope everyone enjoyed the recap! And had a super safe long weekend! 

Loving. Learning. Recapping. 

Emily A G❤️

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