Bellaria Local Shopping

If you have never heard me mention Bellaria Coffee House then you probably haven’t been reading my blog very long. This place is very much my home away from home. I come here to think, to meet up with my friends, for breakfast or lunch, to work or just relax. This place defines “Haven” to me. I have been coming here for almost 4 years now! Before I even knew about it, Husband came here all of the time to see his friends and his day time coffee crowd. Finally after a couple months of dating I was brought in and I have decided I’m never leaving!!!! This beautiful amazing family from Belgium took it over and they are just the most awesome people ever! They really treat you like family. Like you matter to them and not just because you are buying their stuff. Coffee by the butt load, fresh bagels and sandwiches, smoothies and teas, art work and even fun gifts! Like my mini jars from my Etsy Page and another persons decorative wood pieces! Oh the options…  I’m so happy I get to sell my products here! New items are always being stocked and created! It will be so amazing when I can get even more ready to sell for them! Loving. Living. Caffienating. 

Emily A G❤️

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