Lady Bug Ponds🐞🦋💧

As an Easter Present, Birthday Present Combo I made my Mother In Law something I considered pretty neat 🙂 They are some cute hand painted Lady Bug Ponds! Her roses and milkweed have been ATTACKED by Aphids and I was trying to figure out a way to keep her lady bugs around! Lady bugs need warmth and sun to move, and some shelter and lots of water to stick around. Same goes for butterflies and bees too! They like to give themselves baths and drink. So inside the jars is water and some nice pretty rocks so they have a place to stand on and don’t slip and fall in. This a just a super awesome photo of Mama In Laws Milkweed! I’m loving see how big these can get! Now all of her flowers are affid free and whenever I go over I happen to see something new and wonderful happening! I’m so excited by these results that I have been making more! Some for our yard… some for others. Maybe it will even become a featured item in my Etsy Shop coming soon…? Whooooo knowwwws. Loving. Gardening. Creating. 

Emily A G❤️

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