New Product Release! 

It’s summer time, like officially and I am finally going to announce my new summer products!!!! 

This season I had some fun with what I could do solely with my garden and some other extra goodies! 

The Strawberry Mint Sugar Scrub is made with no essential oils and it’s only scent is from my Strawberry Mint plant right in my garden! (My Favorite new Herb plant by far!!) The Lemongrass Salt Scrub almost always makes me hungry for some reason! Makes me think of summer time and tall skinny glasses with pretty straws and lots of ice! Also, this Lemongrass all comes from my home garden as well!! Sadly I don’t have a beehive…yet, but I love this Lip Balm! I have gotten requests for something like this! Unscented means I didn’t put any kind of fragrance or essential oil inside of it AT ALL! The only scent you get is from the actual honey inside and it’s very very light! This Lip Balm has the perfect balance of smooth going on, sticky in staying and glossy for some shine… Nothing crazy this isn’t a gloss promise! And last but not least my fun fun Favorite The Vanilla Latte Face Scrub made from Organic Coffee Grounds and NO Vanilla Extract. The only thing in here that makes it really smell like the vanilla is the ACTUAL Vanilla Beans I crush into the mix! And then some Organic Coconut Oil. 🙂 How could you not be in love?! So these are my 4 new releases for this Summer and I’m so happy they are ready to share! All products are now available on my Etsy Page @

Living. Learning. Creating. 

Emily A G❤️

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