Flashback Friday 3

Cherry Pie you guys… Oh the most amazing summer treat… Cherry 🍒 Pie… Whenever summer rolls around now I’m beyond tempted! I used to say I didn’t like cherry pie. The truth is I only like FRESH cherry pie. NOT canned cherry pie. And making fresh cherry pie is messy. Last time my house looked like someone had been brutally murdered! 🔪 

But the hard work can be worth it. Oh can it be worth it. Tempting… oh Cherry Pie you are very very tempting!! 

I’m going to look into some new recipes. Something new and amazing to do with these summer beauties! If you have suggestions go ahead and leave them in the comments section! I need help!! 

Original Post: Cherry Pie Post 

Loving. Learning. Reliving. 

Emily A G❤️

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