5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me… 

img_0862-1I saw this post and it’s apparently a common one for bloggers to do.

I wanted to give you some sneak peek, inside details to my life! 10 things you probably didn’t know…

But 10 just felt super long so I broke it in half 😁

Expect addition 2 laterish… 😉

1: My Favorite Things To Wear Are… Well a couple things actually. I’m all about the winter weather sweaters and my short and tall Uggs. But… as it is sadly summer time it’s mostly racerbacks tank tops and cropped and rolled jeans. Please don’t judge my horrific tan lines that are surely on their way! 😩

2: My Favorite Flower Is… Jasmine. Plain and simple Jasmine. The simple little white flower that has a smell sooo flippen powerful it will knock your socks off! (Fun fact: My Favorite flower used to be an Orcid but then I found out if your kitty eats them they will die. So they can no longer be around. I even have a TATTOO of one on my neck!)

3: My Favorite Movie Is… Well we all know no one can just come up with one movie they love… and if they do I don’t believe them and I start bombing them with other movies I know of trying to trick them up. There are two movies I watch on repeat. First is Stranger Fiction with Will Ferrell and the other is Heartbreakers with Jennifer Love Hewit. I know that neither of these movies are classics in any shape of form. Nor are they old, in black in white or have subtitles. I’m a product of the 90’s sue me.

4: I’m an alcoholic…Yup! So if you have come to my blog looking for vodka sauces and bourbon soaked peaches you’re in the wrong place. I can’t be trusted with those ingredients… Troubled youth. Trauma. Underage drinking. Ya de ya de ya. I was actually only able to drink legally for 2 years before I was put into therapy and was able to quit. Don’t let me fool you into thinking this was easy in the slightest. Maybe one day I’ll start a blog about how I really really got here. It’s pretty interesting actually…

5: Type Of Books I Read… I’m big into history books lately. I have been really interested in biographies about how people lived through WW2. But when it’s not a biography, what I call “fun” reading, I’m all over the romance stories! Nora Roberts owns all of my dream romance scenarios… She knew about them before I even did! She. Is. Magic.

I hope you enjoyed these fun, simple and revealing things about me! I look forward to posting addition 2 soon!

Loving. Healing. Talking.

Emily A G❤️

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