Furbabies Update! 

I’m sure you have been missing my furbabies… I realized it’s been since March since I have made a post about them!! Apparently I have been busy talking about other things. 😁 

But I loooove them! And they have gotten soo big! Look at my little snuggle bugs! They still roll all over the bed and floors cleaning each other and rough housing. Loretta and Darla have even become better friends! Darla is finally standing her ground more often and not putting up with Loretta’s crap! Surprisingly enough I think Loretta just needed to bed told off a couple of times…. kitty style😼Here… here are just some random love photos of the babe Loretta! My little mess of a darling is always so wiggly so when she is still I almost try to snap a cutie pie shot. 🐶❤️Sue Sue loves his stuffies. Anytime I have some around or not in the toy bin he goes and blends in with them right way. Such a silly boy! Sue Sue has been allowed outside more often but he is still on a lease. We don’t have a fenced yard or a safe way for him to get in and out of the house in case of trouble. So him and Loretta hang out on the tether together now and love it!

Well I hope that satisfies y’all craving for some puppy and kitty love! Maybe one day I’ll just stalk them and do a day in the life of series…. what do you think?! Let me know in the comments!

Living. Loving. Snuggling.

Emily A G❤️

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