July Recap✨

Since I had to cut June a little short because flashback Friday collided with a normal recap schedule post and July ended way quicker then I imagined… I decided I would add the rest of June to this post, all of July and then post it in August! Hey why the heck not! My blog right?! 

So we had a holiday… July 4th… The 4th Of July… The most Americanist of holidays! Did everyone have a safe and fun time? We went to the neighbors house for a BBQ where I got to give out some cherry pie and homemade whipped cream and see the Modjeska UnParade. 🙂 Oh! Did I tell you I have been accepted into a college! What?! I’m back to being a student finally at the age of 26 and I’m looking to be better, smarter, brighter and happier! I really am a mixture of nervous and excited butterflies! 😬 Classes start for me August 20th and I’m going to be taking some amazing writing classes! Anyone else starting their first year at college in the fall?! Leave me motivation in the comments below! (PLEASE!🙏)If you haven’t noticed why my Instagram and Facebook pages are mostly full of my garden! I love to show off the pretty new growth happening all around me! Sometimes the flowers aren’t from my garden specifically but I have been watching them grow anyway 😉🌷The Balloon Milkweed babies are getting taller and taller! My first Granny Smith Apple Blossoms have arrived! And just looking at all of that beauty right in my back yard! Just lovely to witness sometimes! Took a break to love on the furbabies! Love these little monsters! The recipe for the month was my new favorite thing to Rub all over my BBQ Ribs! Rib Rub Recipe 

In other news I have added a NEW COUPON CODE to my Etsy shop for a Summer Clear OUT!! FREESHIP017 is NOW ACTIVE until Sept 1st! Enter the code at checkout for free shipping on ANY order over only $10.00!!! 💻📦💌😍 

I hope you all enjoyed the update! Don’t forget to check my Instagram page to see the fun videos I have been posting all month long as well!

Living. Loving. Learning.

Emily A G❤️

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