Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary 

I’m so fricken happy that I get to share this post with you all finally!  Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is such a wonderful spot here in my canyon town and an overall great local SoCal spot! They have a small gift shop and learning center on one side where the trails are located to go up into Cleveland National Forest. The learning center has a Taxidermy Animal Display, Live snakes and other reptiles, microscopes for looking at dissected owl pellets and of course fun gifts from local crafts people like me! Meet the Tucker Tortuise! There always seems be one missing or a magic one whenever I happen to go there… from what I have been told there is always 2 but sometimes 1 and on occasion 3…. Today was 1 LOL! They also have a garden center in the back area with all and only regional plants! All of them are plants you can find growing wild all around our canyon! Like the Sages…. Oh I love me all of these sages… There is a cute Coy pond with bench seating all around. And some observing cages for when they have fairs and bring in birds of prey to gawk at! 

I had such an amazing day just wondering around taking photos of everything in there! Sadly, my phone camera decided the lighting was not great and played on that for every other photo I took. It was sad when I got home and noticed while editing but I gotta tell you- it will be worth it to go back and take more photos again soon! There is a bird viewing porch and a couple spots with stadium seating and creek access! There may have to be a part two of this post… Maybe I’ll wait to do it at Bat Night in October! Or you can go see this place yourself!


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