Starting School!

Well if you didn’t see last month I got accepted into the community college in my area! (Saddleback College in SOCal)

I have been terrified of even the thought of school since the moment I had my last day at 18 and knew I was not a graduate or even going to continue to try. I just kept working at that dead end high schooler job and thought that was the best I would probably ever be.

Then at 22 I was living in California and got a feeling things where gonna change for me soon. So I thought getting my GED would be a good idea.

Took the test. Got the results on April 4th. Went out to celebrate with a friend that night. Met Danny and you know most of the rest. 😉

Well now I’m officially on a mission of learning. I need to figure somethings out about adult life. I choose 3 classes for this semester (because I’m still new and honestly terrified), 2 online and 1 on campus. Online I’m taking a Financial Planning Class, which will be super helpful when I tell everyone my next exciting news, and an Intro to Psychology Class (That is going to be just for fun and knowledge. Like how to identify trauma and how to communicate . 

Who knew you guys that being an adult meant knowing what you where doing with a bank account?! How to save money in a 401k… I always laughed anytime it was mentioned… Like it was lame. Ugh I hate my younger self right now… I hate her so badddd.

Then I have have 1 class on campus and I choose this one to be “at school” because I’m calling it a 2 for 1 class. I am taking an Intro to Novel Writing and at the same time that class is happening How To Get Published is happening in the same room! By the same teacher! 2. For. 1. Class. 😉 

This class is exciting because it’s always been in my mind that I’m going to write my life down one day. Maybe not book format… might just be “published” on my own blog… But I really want to know what I’m doing and get MAJOR help with my writing ways! 

This. Is. Exciting. (And terrifying…) Wish me luck! Classes start Aug 24 and then middle of September!! Y’all I’m gonna need all the help support you can give! 

Got any tips and tricks for starting college?! Leave them in the comments below! 👇

Living. Loving. Learning. 

Emily A G❤️

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