August Insta Recap

August was a BUSY month for the Husband and I. We had family in town, His work picked up hardcore, we both got super duper sick for a whole week, I started school and some amazingly, wonderful, awesome, secret news!

So, I shared with everyone about Tucker Wildlife and how amazing this Sanctuary is! How happy this place makes me! How beautiful all the plants are here! And all the learning opportunities all over the grounds! (Tucker Post)Then I didn’t shut up about my love, love, love for BBQ Sauce and this sauce is proof of that! If you taste it you’ll know u can promise that! (Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe)Did you know for about 2 weeks I had a mad cold! Like almost crazy pants bad! But I did get time to hang out and snuggle with the puppy, kitties and did I forget to mention Husband?! He was sick too!! Some of the worst times and best times…😂😷🤧That awesome Solar eclipse happened on August 21st and in all honesty I missed it. It didn’t even occur to me really to look in the morning…. Hmm… I noticed a huge shadow… like it seemed darker then usual but I was also sick and still a little loopy from that. But while everyone remembered to look up I was busy looking at my roses. “Pink California Deeamin'” right there! So gorgeous! Sick selfie! Ha ha! How could I resist a photo of myself before bed stealing my husbands breathe right strips. On Thursday August 24th I had my very first day of school! I sat in a classroom and listened to a teacher talk about how to write a book… I’m just so overly excited I wrote a post before I even went to the first class! Check that out here >>Starting School August has been soo full of stuff you guys… I just am happy it’s almost over and we are going to in the beginnings of Fall! (FINALLY)

Hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Living. Learning. Creating.

Emily A G❤️

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