How’s Loretta You Asked?

Oh Loretta… My little snuggle monster, and I mean monster. 

She can seriously drive me a little bonkers with all her cuddles! She loves being on top of me all of the time, luckily that’s only when no one else is letting her on their laps… And that is most of the time. Because I work from home in a tiny guest house she ends up on my lap anytime I sit down, or following me round and round around the house and yard.

I had some fun doing doing a mini black and white photo shoot of her with her stuffed koala. Actually, it Jasmine’s old favorite koala she came with but after the passing it’s become her favorite.  At the Graham house if we don’t get the chance to get away we end up camping in the living room. It’s actually one of our favorite things to do. 😉⛺️🏡 Hey a chance to snuggle on the living room floor with all the critters and some tv time. Eah sometimes you gotta fake a vacation. Here’s a shot of Loretta and Sue. They really do enjoy laying together. Sue and Loretta basically lay all over the place together. At this moment they both happen to be looking at Darla because she started talking to me when I took out the camera… (meowing… talking… you know what I mean.) But because this is a post about Loretta Lynn mostly, here is just a cutie pie photo of my little monster laying on the couch. She always wakes up when I phone gets put in her face… I have no idea how she knows… Grandma Graham has a “Kid Cave” underneath her stairway and Loretta has decided it is the most perfect spot for nap time! This puppy is always ready for a nap and always looking for the comfiest pillow pile! 

I have such a fun time with my pet posts! Talking about these little bugs always brings me joy and remind me why I love them! Not that I forget! …I mean just sometimes they are monsters

Living. Loving. Cuddling. 

Emily A G❤️

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