Recap and NEWS! 

So far this summer has been a whirl wind of awesomely awesome emotions for me and the hubby! 

Quick recap… 

June: I released some new products! 

July: We had 4th of July! I signed up for college! 

August: The Husband’s family came into town and we got what I call “An Airplane Cold” for about two weeks! Class started… 😱 So far so good on that one, and some super amazing, fun, fun news… while we where on one of our trips looking around for houses we ended up finding a plot of land! An amazing plot of land! 4.75 acres of untouched terrain since 2010! It has zilch by the way! (That means no power, no solar, no septic or sewer, doesn’t even have city water rights or well water started, just an overgrown pad that was created over 7 years ago!!) 😬😁😃 I’m so unbelievably happy you guys!! And we closed escrow YESTERDAY!!! 

Sneak peek photos?! Oh yes please! So you see what I mean? It’s granite dirt, California Shaparele, some super pretty hills and that clearish space is the pad 😉

So soon to come, like every weekend here out is working to clear this place out and add as much as we can before our goal move date! But even when that time comes we will be RV living! We gotta save up for a house and all that goes into it! 

It’s gonna be perfect. 

I’m finally getting my dream life!

❤️Married life… this may the best year ever! 

Well that’s my update as of now and I am so excited to share all of the updates with you as we go through this crazy life changing process! 

Living. Creating. Learning. 

Emily A G❤️

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