How’s the Jasmine Vine? 

I haven’t talked about my special Jasmine vine for awhile but that’s because it like hadn’t done anything since I got it really! It’s shot up a bit but then it stopped and just hung out on the swing… so I moved it. Now I have it over on the land divider (fence) and it has exploded with action!!! Oh the action! This is an above shot because where it is now if I take a pic I will be facing my neighbors house windows… felt rude to do so… I didn’t notice when it bloomed supposedly but it did once for sure and I got so bummed thinking I missed it! But then… As I thought I saw a baby starting, hiding under a leaf of its own… There was the sweet little white and pink flower!! I didn’t get too close to take a big inhale but I could smell it pretty far off. I didn’t smell it because sadly now in this location it has been getting a lot more spider nests all over it! I touched a leaf one day and a neat exploded all over me! Just from not paying attention and grabbing the under side of the leaf… ugh I’ll never touch it again probably… 😂

Hope you enjoyed the update! I’m unbelievably ecstatic that it’s blooming again!!

Living. Growing.  Gardening.

Emily A G❤️

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