September Recap

Ohhhh- wake me up when September ends is NOT what I have been thinking this month other than during the heat waves!! OMG you guys these heat waves are nuts oh! 

Other then that though it’s been busy busy and so very very exciting for me!

I showed on Instagram that I figured out how to make veggie broth, and then I made chicken broth like 4 days later because I was obsessed with the smell in our house! I love sharing with everyone the challenges of being a writer and writing so I showed off a passage from one of my college books. Oh the struggles! …I really hope one day I can find the mental energy to just really sit down and do it… Like why am I this afraid?! The Husband and I took some time to make our way down to Seal Beach CA and had a wonderful day getting me a sunburn. Oh it was actually really a wonderful day… normally I’m not big into the beach, or the ocean, or even being that close to the ocean smell… it’s actually quite funny now that I think of it… I really dislike the beach. But my moo… my husband LOVES the beach. He was born in California so what do you expect right? Lunch! Ohmygoshhhhh I got the South Side with the jalapeño and slaw! Like what?! All sandwiches came with kettle corn too as the side and it was AMAZE balls! The a Graham’s have officially become land owners and I can’t tell you how excited we are to create our new life space with each other!! I wanna go back! I wanna go back! I wanna go back! (I was clicking the heels of my work boots… it didn’t work 😞)Look at the Jasmine bloom!!! This plant has honestly not bloomed since I got it!! Maybe there was one time last year but since then… it’s been sad a dull and blah. But I moved the vining plant and POW we have growth! Like a bunch of new growth!!I did a silly share of a small, on a whim, hanging bird feeder and it was pretty fun just searching for all the materials and just “making it work”😂 It became officially 🍁FALL🍂 so I decided to do my flashback Friday this month on can you guess?! Candy Caramel! Which of course brings up Apple dipping! Who doesn’t love a caramel apple you guys?! WHO? Tell me! I hope you enjoyed the recap and don’t forget to follow me at all of my platforms!

Loving. Living. Apple Dipping.

Emily A G❤️

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