Graham Cracker Ranch… The GCR

What is that feeling you get when you just know your home? When you are full on aware that this is your place… I walked up to a vacant lot… not vacant, more like covered in overgrowth, but I felt it. I felt that safe feeling. The feeling that allows that sigh of relief and says “Oh I’m home.”

I feel so excited when I’m there, like all of the thoughts and dreams and plans could actually come true now. Things can actually start happening now!

One of the first weekends we got some fun stuff set up like an internet booster and an outdoor shower! It has been intresting and fun living out of tents for a couple days out f the week but to be fully honest I wish we where doing it everyday. I really wish we where able to just stay there always and quicken our process to just be here! I’m even thinking moving into a RV with solar power coming up here soon! Stay tune for details on that and let me know of any good tips you guys might have!

**Looking for camp style living tips, meal prep tips for no heat, RV living tips with PETS and anything else that is homestead basically! LOL

Some photos because I love ya:

Hope you enjoyed the post! Be on the look out to see what I am up to next with this place and what I eventually turn it into 😛

Living. Waiting. Itching to be moving.

Emily A G❤️

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