Video Recap Post! 

I finally upgraded to the Premium Version of WordPress and DUH! That’s why I couldn’t upload videos before!!! ARGGG! Well now I can! I FINALLY FINALLY can!!

So now I went through my Instagram and I have thrown up the videos I have posted from the passed couple months! I miss most of these moments…

Thunder and Lightening in the Canyon… With this hot and cold weather lately I have been dreaming about storm season! (It’s way more fun then fire season…)

Apple Pecan Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze​​​​​… Oh my gosh it was delicious!

​​Loretta Lynn got her very first Pupa-chino! She loved it a lot!!

​​We got lady bugs so they could take care of the affids, (which they did).

​​I showed off some of the work behind how to create my new melted wax art.

​​And for some fun I showed off my hula hooping skills! (They aren’t that great but I’m gonna get better.)

​ Thanks for checking out my first video recap post! Next month I’ll combine them all into one post for ya guys. 😉

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