EA Rebranding! 

I’m so happy to be finally announcing this!

EmilysArdor Etsy Shop

Getting together all of my products, changing up the blog, creating more fun items to sell, and finding finally the right theme for my life brand! You guys… I have figured it out finally! I have figured out who I am and who I am going to be for all of you. That takes a lot of thought…


You would never believe how much focus, love and attention really goes into creating yourself and then telling someone else to miminck that in logos and color schemes! (It’s not in the least bit simple you guys…) But the sweetest guy I found was able to accomplish it! He got my vibe. He understood my everythingness… And he gave us of us these wonderful new designs!

While changing my brand I also decided to change what I was… no longer will I be just selling handmade beauty products, I have decided to create a space to sell all of the fun things I enjoy creating! Emily’s Ardor, on Etsy, is going to become an online version of what I always have dreamed of doing and that’s a brick and mortar country store with its own and my own bakery. (Online I will not be selling baked goods.😢)

As of today I will be adding new items like my melted wax art, soy and beeswax candles, dried herbal teas, garden and home decor and more to be continually created and added!img_3145

ar•dor noun:

enthusiasm or passion. And what I’m doing now is finally on that track!

Living. Laughing. Creating.

Emily A G❤️

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