My Birthday Month!

It’s that magical time again where I turn another age and I feel more grown up and I end up looking just a little bit different in some way or another… Last year I found a grey eyebrow…It’s also the magical time where I spread out the end of Christmas to Jan 31 and I find a way to get presents allllll month long.

You would think having a birthday in January would make the present getting hard but honestly people are usually looking forward to regifting at that point so I get some pretty cool stuff usually 😛

And Danny has always been 100% on board with a whole month dedicated to whatever I want to do so I am really just super beyond lucky for that. LOL!!

So while I’m celebrating the month I appeared on the planet I decided this month I would share about a bunch of my favorite people, places and things!

I’ll be talking with you all soon! Don’t forget to follow and like me at all of my social media accounts for the most up to date news! 😉😘

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G❤️

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