Bloggers I’m Obsessed With…

I love love love reading. From the picking a smelling of a fresh book to finding some really neat bloggers on twitter to follow and read!

Twitter as you are probably aware is FULL of blogger that are trying to share the very special posts that they wrote! (Me included!!)

So some of the blogs I follow/ stalk are…

(They have all of my Homesteading thoughts, plans and logic😉)

(I don’t follow many beauty blogs but when I need some help or inspiration she’s the chick I turn to!)

(Ohhhhh my idol… the woman I one Day plan on being! But not in a creepy way.)

(These are the type of recipes I inspire myself to make one day! I’m obsessed with her photos too! 😍)

At the moment those are the peeps I am always checking out and waiting for posts from. If you know of any blogs I just have to be reading go ahead and leave them in the comments below!! I love supporting other writers I just never know where to even begin!!

Well thanks for checking out my post and make sure you check out the other blogs I mentioned! 😗

Living. Loving. Reading.

Emily A G❤️

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