Some of my Favorites!

I said at the beginning of my birthday month that I would share with you some of my very favorite places to shop! I’m sure most women have some kind of “I need to and I have to shop for something” problem like I do! Some women are shoes, sunglasses, books, tea spoons… We all gotta buy something… So I’m excited to share with everyone where I buy from.

You may be amazed at this but one of my favorite places to be is Hobby Lobby… HA! Actually if you knew me personally you would be WELL aware of my love of the big HL! From gift tags, scrapbooking supplies, all of the home decor I plan on buying, holiday supplies and all the future art projects I will get to… I will always be entertained and excited when I know I’m on my way!

I’m obsessed with Poshmark! It’s a shopping app where you can buy other people’s gently used clothing as well as sell your own clothing!! I basically sell what I can and what I make from that I buy new stuff. It’s like an amazing shopping cycle! 😉 You can follow me on there so I can see your closets too if you have the app! @EmilysArdor

I love buying and trying new beauty products trends! I’m always trying to stay up to date and see what is the best buys out there, so I shop at the holy grail of beauty stores… Ulta Cosmetics… I love this place! I’m a member of their special club, it’s where I get my hair done, where I buy all of my hair care and makeup products, I love the selection of fragrances, (although all I use is Clinique Happy and that’s sold almost everywhere, but Ulta has sooo many discounts buying from them and free gifts with purchase!) and it’s where I get anything else I can find! I’m a girl in love what can I say! Hair straighteners that straighten, curl, wave and the metal pads vibrate?! Count me in!

Last but not at all least I want to tell everyone my love be of the 99 cent store. This place is magic to me and I didn’t even realize what I had been stupidly ignoring my whole life! I’m not a super picky person so having select options and minimal stock doesn’t bother me much. I think it can be fun to be forced to try whatever shampoo and conditioner it is they have going for sale there! Bruised fruit?! Yup I’ll take it! Pumpkin Spice flavors in January? Give me give me give me!!! I have always been a bit of a doomsday prepped and the 99 cent store does nothing but help with that internal desire.

I hope you liked the post about some of my favorite places to shop! I feel so happy sharing with everyone the places that make my heart sing with excited joy! 😉

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G❤️

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