January Recap

My birthday Month was full of what I like to call amazing ness and I’m so glad to be recapping it.

Awww Sue Sue examining the Rose Quartz

Celebrating my actual birthday with my Husband, Mama In Law and puppy was the best. I got dressed up we went out for tea again and just relaxed with the day! I had needed it since that morning I woke up from the worst of nightmares and I couldn’t even begin to explain. The Husband ended the night off with a surprise trip to Tilly’s and I got to get an new onesie pajama! Oh the joy I have for those jammies. I may just got out them on now! Then we made a stop at Dunkin for some munchkins and coffees and headed home to call it a night. Twitter wished me a happy birthday! (Thank you Twitter!)

I learned how to make Rose Water! Like amazing OMG I made Rose Water!? How to make Rose WaterIT FINALLY RAINED!! Like a solid oh my goodness that’s a lot of rain kind of rain… But it was only like 2 days and it hasn’t again since. ::Deep Sigh::I also got to have a bunch of fun playing with my new phone camera tripod. I was really loving pushing the button and having no clue what was coming out. (These where the best faces I could find of myself… LOL)


Oh but because of the rain the husband got forced inside for his work day and I got stuck either upstairs or outside. Hense the fun photo op 😉 BIRTHDAY MONTH ALERT!! We had been working on this truck purchase since December 30th 2017, but working out a good deal on a used massive beast of a truck was not as easy peasy as we thought. So my deal with the Hubby was if it came after January 7, my actual birth date, I would be claiming it! So….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!i took sometime (and a class) and got to learn a new skill… Alcohol Ink Painting!

Took some more time and celebrated the birthday month with my bestie who also happens to have the same birthday month as me!

Also, found sometime to photograph little Loretta Lynn. She was smelling all of the flowers fro the succulents. Oh silly puppy I would of never thought to smell those!

I got to finally do some work on the new toilet planter I have been waiting to fill! I think it’s going to make a lovely decor piece for outside the RV office!It will fill in nicely I think…So pretttttyyyI found an AWESOME recipe on how to make homemade SOURDOUGH ROSEMARY BUTTER CRACKERS! What?! You guys I was freaking out a bit at how delicous these where and how easy they where on the first try. It was a bit of an arm workout for them but totally worth it and will be happening more and more I’m sure. (My Hubby is in love!)

I have a crazy obsession with picking these amazing smelling violets lately. Now that they have fully rooted and are growing at full strength I plan to collect so I can start making my own essential oils from them! WHAT?! YOU CAN DO THAT?! Yes. Yes I can. 😉Then the saddest day came… Christmas was taken down from our house January 31st. I keep it up all birthday month long as a present to myself.
This Month has been one of my favorites. I don’t want it to be over. I really wish it wasn’t February right now! Well… I am excited because this month we have our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary and we are planning a road trip for it! I can’t wait to go away and finally see some more new things!! Get ready world! Danny will be driving the Monster Beesy around touring me around! YAY! See ya next time

Living. Loving. Creating.

Emily A G❤️

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