Catalina Birthday Trip!

This year for my birthday my husband decided he wanted to give me another adventure, and this adventure took us and my Mama in law to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California! I am not a huge fan of the ocean or being even near it so it was a true adventure knowing for most of the time I would be on a boat in the ocean! Luckily it all was fine. I got to see dolphins and we made to the island and home safe and sound!

This is a photo of leaving Dana Point Harbor CA…SELFIE The water on the way there was incredibly smooth and there was barely even anyone getting sick on the boat! It was also a fun miricale that we got to see a whole pod of dolphins playing in the wakes behind the boat! I got some video but to be honest I was more focused on the girl in front of me talking about her life to really put my full attention into taping it. So here’s a photo of the ocean instead. 🙂Arrival to the Avalon’s Harbor.The city of Avalon was taken over by our, American, military right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and this is a monument for that time. More information about Catalina’s part in the war and how amazing the Wrigley’s where back then….A photo of Avalon’s Pier. I’m having a bit of an obsession problem with this place still it’s just so beautiful…Pano photographWe took an inland bus tour that showed us where the bison roam, where the eagle habitats are, a trip up to the airport, and gave us the most informative history lesson about the island. I’m unbelievably thrilled with how much I learned about eh Island and all of the amazing work my Chicago people put into it!  This is a building I remember being of importance… But I don’t remember now. If you happen to do your own google search on Catalina and find out please leave me a comment  so I can have back the memory! Ha ha!Roaming Bison… They where far away but I desperately wanted at least 1 photo of them. I wasn’t sure if I would get to see 1 or any while doing the driving trip. Animals are animals and keeping them on a island is not like keeping them in a viewable pen… LOL But I kept praying,”Please Lord, please, please, please Lord let us get close to one. I ask for tons Lord but a Bison up close!? How neat would that be?! Please, please, please Lord!”SELFIE! Except my Hubby took it. So… PICTURE!It was so cool to see the tiny airport in the mountains of the island! Knowing that at one point that tip top was where the sea level was, knowing that planes from the American Military where up there waiting for war, and watching all the tiny hopper planes make these tiny short runway landings! Gotta say it’s truly a neat feeling.  SELFIEThey are starting a new tourist attraction out on the island of a winery and vineyard. They make a very small amount of wine every year and are starting to amp up and build a venue area around it. Possibly even adding a chapel 😉 Then when we started over a hill the bus driver announced “Oh I think that might be a bison up at the top of the hill. OH! Don’t jump up sometimes I get this spot mixed up with the tire swing up there…” Danny looked up and responded, “Umm I think that’s two on either side…” I was immediately excited and starting thanking God,” Thank you, thank you, thank you”, and Danny’s Mama was looking at me saying “Oh more presents from the Lord for your birthday! These are for you Emily!” “Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord,” I smiled and giggled to myself. I still get a bit teary thinking of it. Here’s the first guy. He was big and a bad ass… You could just tell.Because this guy… Number 2 was beat up. He didn’t even have any horns and had some spots that where bleeding… The driver’s guess was these two males where just going at it and had separated, to let us drive thru? I’m unsure…The Native Americans that lived on the island at one point, The Pimugnans, had been there since 7000 BCE. This is the location of “Little Harbor” where they fished. The “mountain top” we where standing on was actually sea level in their time! My mind was blow. I had never made that kind of connection in my life. Seeing how far of a fall off this cliff side would be and knowing that Indians where fishing beach side right where I stood.

SELFIEThey used these shells for EVERYTHING. They are called Abalone Shells and you can find them everywhere in big piles all over the beach! They are beautiful and very delicate. Trying to find one that wouldn’t crumble at my touch for a photo was almost challenging! (But totally worth it.)They have two small habitats for 2 eagles they saved and tried to release but the eagles didn’t want to go back! HA! One is a Golden Eagle…And the other is a Bald Eagle. One of them is blind I cannot remember which to be honest though.Last big part of the adventure was my 3rd Bison gift from the Lord!! He was just roaming around… Hanging out down in a valley next to the road that was taking us back to pier. He was gorgeous and just wandered on by… Thank you Lord!A beautiful view from above Avalon Harbor.Our boat ride back to Dana Point was beautiful and blinding! We sat on the top deck of the boat and faced the sunset the whole way home. It was gorgeous and I was green and purple spots for several hours after it was gone. Worth it still. Worth it forever.Sunset selfie with my Moo! It was a wonderful birthday trip and I’m so thankful he made the decision to take to me on the ocean, to a California Island, with the theme of Chicago… Oh my island home…All of the information that I collected came from these websites and the inland expedition tour. Links down here:

I hope you enjoyed the recap of my trip and I hope one day you have the opportunity to travel on over to the island yourself! Totally worth it!

Living. Loving. Remembering.

Emily A G❤️

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