February Instagram Recap!

Oh February… so many feels. So many things that depressed me and brought me joy… But here we are happily arrived in March and I’m just waiting to see what this month brings for my Graham family! Growing up is always a fun challenge I believe, so, I guess we are having fun. In February we celebrated our wedding anniversary, I took a bunch of selfies, other madness occurred so here’s the photo evidence… all in one place 😆*MY MOST LIKED PHOTO* (Me eating a Big mac of course… Common you guys!)I talked about our trip to Avalon CA for my birthday. It was a beautiful warm January day but I couldn’t ask for anything more! Check out the post Here >>Catalina Birthday Trip!Valentine’s Day happened and it is truly one of my favorites when it comes to commercial holidays. The candy, the expression of love, all of the flowers. Just explains why I chose to get married at this time of year. Photo of my local coffee shop Bellaria Coffee House selling my Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets.My Flashback Friday post this month was about my wedding because how couldn’t I? 2 days from our 1 year wedding anniversary?! Duhh Check here for the post >>Flashback Friday 👰🏻OUR WEDDING🤵🏻Even celebrating Valentine’s day was my Sourdough starter.. HAHA! I was giggling when I saw the heart and just had to share. Like a love note from God.  Sourdough Starter Recipe… Here >>Sourdough Starter {EASY}The quote with this photo is one of our favorite songs… “I’m gonna love you forever and ever. Forever and ever. Amen.” (BTW This photo is the most shy I have ever seen my husband… )The anniversary Instagram shot… Holding hand with my favorite person in the whole wide world. Happy One Year My Moo. 

The joy I had driving passed this spot in Cali where just a few months ago where ablaze was truly mystifying. How the grow starts to heal. The fire roasted the trees which shot seeds far far far. Now with some rain and our California sunshine all of the regrowth has begun!How fricken proud am I to see my little Lavender Hand and Body Butter Bars on a bloggers post about what SHE keeps on her desk! Just so beyond happy. So beyond! Find it HERE >> My Blogging Space – A Sparkle Of Grace

And as the month came to a close I made another delivery to my local coffee shop! This is my “Wake Up With Orange” gift basket! Locally sold for $15.00!

March is a month of all kinds of newness. Get ready some of the awesomeness I have been working on all winter!

Living. Loving. Creating.

Emily A G

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