Kitty Update… I’m sure you have been waiting.

Well we all know the kitties are not featured often on my blog but I wanted to shine the spotlight a little. These 2 monsters have been messing with me lately. Darla has really come out of her shell and is just all over the place lately. She sure is a happy 8 year old lady!Sue has gotten fat and is just a butt head like usual. He is turning 2 this month and I’m so impressed with him. He loves his outside time. He take his naps very seriously and loooveess to scream at me as soon as my eyes open in the morning.A very risque video of Darla… Why? Because when I noticed the possibly I became so happy inside! You’re welcome.

Sue found the bay leave my neighbor gave me to dry. I love my neighbors so much and I was glad to know bay leaves aren’t toxic for cats. He was really having a great time rolling and biting the leaves… He sure loves it when anything from outside is in the house though.

Just look at this monster… Hiding in his jungle of bay leaves.. Killin’ me!More of Sue because Darla is aloof… Him snuggling and napping in the cat tree with his toys. To me it looks like he passed out during play time with himself… Oh silly boy.

I really love all of my furbabies so much and they bring true joy to my heart and my husbands. All the giggles and super soft snuggles are worth all of the demon moments and screaming…

Lick lick….

oh Hey! On that’s note… enough with the kitties! Look for all the new updates coming this month on Social Media!

Living. Loving. Creating.

Emily A G

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