Crestline CA

I sure do love me a small mountain town with all the local vibes and charm… Mom and Pop everything! 1 McDonald’s. A CVS and some beautiful lake town views! Ohhh, I’m in love 😍This spot is right next to Lake Gregory, on your way up to Lake Arrowhead and just below Twin Peaks. Crestline CA is such a sweet town to visit!

Lake Gregory CA We went for our 1 ear wedding anniversary so the Husband got the Romance Package at the Sleepy Hollow Cabins and Hotel. (Included: Bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, Sparkling Apple Cider, normally it comes with Champagne but since we don’t drink… and an extra bundle of wood for the fireplace. It’s one of our favorite parts of going away… Cabins with fireplaces.  Sleepy Hollow Cabins and HotelA close up on those flowers… Cuz it was purrrty.The river rock fireplace and cable televison… This is our vacation.Bedroom and Balcony/ DeckIn the middle of the night while we slept we got the most wonderful gift, IT SNOWED! A tiny bit but enough to bring us the heart joy we needed.JOYFUL HEART PIC. I love the snow and was so bummed out to be going home.Going down the mountain was the most dramatic part of the trip FOR SURE! An hour of traffic because of slow driving, people not having chains on and sliding or needing to put them on and BLOCKING the road to do it! Full Grey Hound Buses blocking the road and all over ditches trying to get out WITH chains on! It was scary and watching 5 cars sliding even just a little when driving down a mountain will for sure get your heart rate up… ::Deep Exhale::But the views we got while we waited there on that mountain top where well worth it. Thank you Lord! It is really wonderful to be able to share these trips with you reading these posts. The places I visit really grow on me and make me feel like I’m just supposed to stay. What do you think that is all about? Desperate to not be renting anymore? Wanting to live in the woods? Or the mountains? DESPERATLY. Ohhh the waiting we must do…

Where is your dream spot? Are you a beach or mountain person? Love the desert or the forest? Leave me a message in the comments below!

Living. Loving. Ready To Be Moving.

Emily A G

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