Homestead Prepping

Homesteading… The dream come true for us you guys! Sadly it’s just not possible for us right now like we thought. So do you know what I have been doing? Can you guess at all? It’s called prepping and I got to create a new set of binders! I wanted to take sometime and show everyone which sites I have officially started using and the blogs posted I have bookmarked, printed and put into the binder!

The process for my binder printing process is always my favorite and I started it on Pintrest about 2 years ago or so… These blogs talk about how to start homesteading without the homestead and then how to do it when you finally can!

So the bummer of it all is we can’t move there for a few years still. No internet, because the property seems to be in a “shadow”, makes it impossible for the husband to work remote. To get a construction loan you have to have equity and collateral that equal up to a house! (We don’t have that) and when it then comes to county permits and living in Southern California there seems to be even more rules and things… can’t just go building a log cabin anywhere you want… might be on a fault line… drainage might not be ready because you throw off the waters natural flow path…

Deep deep sigh… So for now we are making it our vacation spot 😉 Too bad the Minnie Winnie has gotten infested with rats because “duh” you can’t leave an RV in a rural area uninhabited… it became a shelter for them… 😣🐀🚌

So back to the beginning on where to live… How big of a move should we do? State move? Town? County? How far are we gonna go?!

Waiting on His plan. Waiting on His guidance. I’m apparently really needing to learn how to wait

So that’s my GCR Update and my show and tell on what I’m planning to use when I doooooo get to live at our ranch! 😁

Living. Loving. Waiting.

Emily A G❤️

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