Innn the Garden…

In the garden I have needed to move things around… Luckily it’s not that hard to move Milkweed and Succulents. I got a chance to make it down to my FAVORITE nursery in OC and I got all kinds of goodies! I fixed up a couple of spots and now I have some pretty shade dwelling flowers that will grow big and tall, strawberries, ginger, cucumbers and some wonderful Lemon Thyme and another plant of the Orange Mint I killed last year. This is the spot where I moved all the succulents and Milkweed to get ready for the strawberries and cucumbers I had to plant. These are the racks that a friendly neighbor gave to us MONTHS ago and I finally came up with where they will fit in just perfectly.I filled them with a mixture of potting soil and our natural Southern California clay soil. Cucumbers planted- regular sized and pickle size, with strawberry plants to grow in between.Don’t worry about the milkweed and succulents though. They got moved to pots and other areas that they will thrive in.img_5790Keeping potted from now I have my Orange Mint back and some new Lemon Thyme.Sadly I cannot remember the names to any of these 3 shade plants but the red flower one will get tall and grow outward and the 2 fun succulent looking ones with crawl along the ground. I was told by the nursery that they do grow and cant be treated like succulents so I broke some off and filled in the back areas so the colors would mix together. I was truly excited to get the ginger. I have never been a big fan, or really understood how to use ginger in my cooking so I’m happy to be experimenting with something new! Oh the roots just look sooo nice already!Other then that, the lemon tree is full of blossoms, the tomato plants are rocking it and everything else is doing just fabulous thanks to this awesome Spring weather we have going on. Just praying for more rain at this point!

Keep checking back to see what new things I bring to the garden and how my harvests go! I really do have so much fun sharing all of this.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G

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