The New Compost Pile

I think every wife knows how it feels to ask your husband to do something and it doesn’t happen exactly when you ask for it. My husband had been sick. He started doing the volunteer fire station in our community so that means WMT school and fire training days, then you add in work. It’s been a busy few weeks for him. I asked 2 weeks ago for him to help me turn the compost pile and finally we got to it. Turns out it was even too heavy for him! Soooo onto making a compost pile bin system we went on a random Wednesday afternoon after I asked again.

Everything was free. Everything was reclaimed. 5 old pallets, a handful of super long screws and a really old door we sawed in half.

It took an afternoon of leveling dirt and screwing in screws where there was a bagillion nails put in already. It’s got 2 sections and I’m excited for my own handmade dirt! Hope you enjoyed the compost post!! I can’t wait for it to get bigger and better and more full soon!

Living. Loving. Composting.

Emily A G

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