April Instagram Recap!

April is over! Now let’s see where all the May flowers start popping up!! 😂 JK we barely had any rain at all in April and I’m pretty bummed about it to be honest. But so much else happened instead that I’m not too bothered.We had Easter, my sisters birthday, Loretta’s birthday, my mama in laws birthday my goodness… Emily’s Ardor released new items to the Etsy shop, I took like sooo many Snapchat selfies I’m like annoying even myself, I did my first how to post on an Orange Salt Scrub, I showed off a bunch of my garden areas and the new things I have going on in there and to cap it off my husband and I have been working super hard on him getting his EMT training and school done so he can move on to Fire Academy! My goodness guys it’s been a month of all kinds of such and then I haven’t even talked about the videos I have done on Insta!! I’m exhausted. I’m tired. Emily’s Ardor is going on a break. For real though. I put the Etsy shop on vacation. I’m working towards making everything cohesive. I have been feeling like things just don’t make sense anymore. Stay tuned for updates on that 😉

Off to the races, it’s May and I’m going to be on the go go go! Soooo here we go!

Living. Loving. Recreating.

Emily A G

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Emily’s Ardor

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