EA Rework

The Etsy Shop is taking a break… again…

Things have been changing and I’m really buckling down and working hard to correct a lot of my “newbie” mistakes.

Like, making everything cohesive and consistent is my main focus right now as well as revamping all of my spaces to show the real work I have been doing. If you have been on the site you have seen my shipping has been a mess lately, my labels are being progressively worked on, product lines are changing, my photography is slacking and I really gotta figure out how to do all this the right way. If you know anything helpful or know of any other blog posts that tell you how to do it right, please leave me messages in the comments below!

Emily’s Ardor is all about my pieces of art and my passion to create. It’s so hard for me to have the shop off right now but I’m truly working my hardest to get it back up and in action. With new items and better shipping costs, more options, photography that shows the best of my products and more cohesive packaging… it’s all in the works.

On this site I will also be doing so revamping but I’ll be continually doing my blog posts as well!

If you are dying for more product and can not wait, write me a message to my email located on the Contact Me page.

Living. Loving. Recreating.

Emily A G

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Emily’s Ardor




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