Joshua Tree National Park

What a trip I took back in April! We did a day in Joshua Tree National Park for Mama In Laws birthday and she was sooo happy with our truck around in the truck.

Upon arrival and looking around the visitors center I saw this sign and got so sad and was already opening my eyes looking for “coughing sheep”.I’m sure you could guess but Joshua Tree National Park is about the protected Joshua Tree Cactus. They are seriously only here. They need the chill and desert freeze from the winter and the hot hot desert summer to grow. I’m really into climbing just randomly. I’m not a gear person or have ever taken rock climbing lessons, I just feel so connected to the top of mountains. At our first stop in the park we saw some real climbers with ropes and groups of people… I was so jealous and envious that I had to keep sitting in a car and not be able to go run and play!So I ran as far as I could… And then ran back. Dogs aren’t aloud passed 100 ft from the rest areas so The husband stayed with Loretta and I ran and played for a couple minutes.Loretta in her dog bed/ dog car seat. She loves it in there. Mama in laws neighbor lady had it for her little pups awhile ago and gave us this hammy down. It’s almost difficult to get Loretta out of it some days! HA!Some epic shots… At the top of a lookout I was feeling truly blessed to have a cold breeze…Loretta didn’t get to see the whole view but she enjoyed whatever she did get to witness.Look at the wind blowing thru her hair! HA HA!We found some rocks after some off roading and I was over joyed to go run out and play. There was some great geology photography moments for Mama in law so I took the opportunity to take some selfies while playing.Always gotta get a shot of the husband from behind… Gosh I love this man.Now doesn’t these rocks look like a great climb!? I wish we could of stayed longer so I could of tried but Loretta was in the car waiting for us to come back… Next time I head out there I’ll be heading out with a mission on my mind! These cactus that are here are what I have always known to be the “Teddy Bear Cactus” such a cute name for cactus… JUST DON’T HUG IT!SELFIE! BTW this is as close to some cactus that I will get. They are for sure not my favorite plant. Like not at all. Pano shotMama in law getting some shots. I’m not even sure if she knows I was getting shots of her while she was getting shots of cactus.  “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank

Annnd to end this lovely post I’ll do a selfie shot of a kiss with my hubby. I love this man so much and he kept me totally sane during this trip. Keeping me still in a car for a whole day in warmer climate isn’t an easy task, but this man can really handle all that I throw at him. (I mean only literally like 3 times in our life… LOL)

Well that’s it for my post about Joshua Tree. No matter how much I prayed I didn’t get to see a mountain sheep or anything but it was probably for the best since they where all on the sick side… ::deep sigh:: oh well. Maybe next time? During the winter? LOL

Living. Loving. Climbing Around.

Emily A G

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