Wild Sage Scented Soy Candle DIY

Making candles lately has been a truly fun experience for me. I thought there had to be bright colors, crazy strong scents, I feel like being brought up on Yankee Candle and other shops like such had convinced me you can’t get a natural candle without adding fakness. I’m over it. I’m done now with that thought process. So I wanted to show everyone how they could do the same! I admit I am truly blessed to be living where I am and how I’m able to harvest things that are organic organically. Sooo here’s how I made Wild Sage Soy Candles.

First the ingredients you will need are:

  • Soy Wax Melt
  • Wild Dried Sage
  • Grape seed Oil, Coconut Oil, or Olive Oil
  • A small pretty jar
  • Beeswax

Wick (I use hemp wicks but whatever you can find works.)I didn’t do much for measuring for this recipe so bare with me a bit. I had an old coffee grinder and ground down about and handful maybe of dried sage leaves.  I then took those and dumped them into a larger glass jar and filled it the rest of the way with the soy wax.

About 3 Tablespoons of whatever oil you happen to have. I’m obsessed with using Grapeseed Oil lately. Not sure what that’s about. Put about 2 cups of water in a pot and double boil till the wax is some what melted.

Then do about a half of a cup of Beeswax. I like to make sure my candles are super hard so they don’t just melt away instantly. I’m all about longevity these days. I want my products and projects to be worth making and or buying.

After everything is fully melted go ahead and pour into your carefully chosen jars. Mine happened to be some tiny mason jars for this round. I like to let my candles harden or cool down for about 15 minutes before I put in the wick. When it’s just got the wick tends to curl at the bottom and doesn’t stay down there properly in my opinion, so if you let the bottom cool and harden then you get a spot to mush it into nicely.

I use a wooden wick first and then I let it dry some more, pull that out and then put in the hemp work. This time had been more complicated for me but I tend to do this to myself often.

Once you got the wick you like in and the candle has fully hardened get it in the spot you like and…Light it!Burning Sage is used as a cleansing tool so I like to keep this one in the living room by the front door. It just makes me feel better and keeps a clear air as you enter the house. So here you go! Ha! I’m never fully sure how to end a how to post other then well now you know how to! So congrats!

Living. Loving. Creating.

Emily A G❤️

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