I’m on Ko-Fi

I feel almost strange announcing this but I have decided to start a Ko-Fi account. This is an amazing site that allows anyone to just donate to myself and my family. I work very hard to receive very minimal when it comes to money.

From my Etsy Shop to this blog and my other I do pour my heart and soul into creating spaces that showcase who I am and what I want to do for others and as well as find a way to contribute to my household in a way that fits my lifestyle.

By nature I’m a writer and a baker and a crafts woman but it is not easy to be any of it without the proper financial standings, equipment, and support. My husband loves me to pieces don’t get me wrong and supports anything and all that I do, but I desire to be able to give more.

I have my big big dreams of owning my own brick and mortar space, where I can rise early with the bread and coffee brew and sell my small jars of homemade bath scrubs and  loaves of sourdough bread.

I also have the dreams of writing my novels and being published one day.

Dreams of doing the work and contributing to our family bank account more then just knowing how to save and create live-able budgets.

But at the moment they continue to stay dreams and something I am desperately waiting for.  Waiting and waiting for.

So as I continue to grow in my knowledge and work hard to finish my novel and create business plans to get financial backing from banks I am doing what I have never done before and asking for help.

If ever you can. If ever you feel you want to… Ko-fi.com Emily Ann Graham

Living. Loving. Thanking.

Emily A G

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