Skydiving Perris

Let me make this clear I didn’t actually get to go sky diving. BUT I did get to do the wind tunnel and it was exciting to simulate the experience and learn how to stay upright and flat on my tummy and not drop like a fly! Who knew aerodynamics where super hard?!

I mean seriously anyone who isn’t a sky diver or has never done this… you don’t even realize it’s crazy difficult to stay in the air on your own without flipping around and falling like a rock… I’m a total perfectionist and super competitive when it comes to any type of athleticism so I was working my tail off to do well and not look like a complete fool in front of my mother in law and husband. I only did as half as well as I would of liked so I’m for sure ready to go back and really work at it. To bad it’s about an hour and a half drive away or else I would be there again already… But if you want to try it yourself and you’re a Southern California native check it out here at: Skydive Perris Don’t forget you can check out Groupon for discounts! That’s how I got to do this cheaply and get pictures and video done!

I hope you find a little dare devil in you and go and try this out where ever you are local to! I promise it’s a good time and way more safe then jumping from a plane your first experience.

Living. Loving. “Jumping”.

Emily A G

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