June Instagram Recap

Whatta month! We finally got to have a trip and get away for half a second, Father’s Day was awesome, I learned how to and posted a recipe about how to make Gnocchi (which by the way OMG delicious link here), I did 30,000 garden projects and showed some on my instagram story (check out my highlights to see them!), I learned how to do the fake sky diving and posted another DIY about how to make your own Lavender Flower Sugar Scrub! Oh and did I mention I got to go to my FIRST EVER CHICAGO CUBS GAME!?!? Danny got us Cubs tickets for our 1st wedding anniversary. Gosh if this is what I get for paper I can’t wait to see what he will do for cotton!

Hope you where able to follow along on my recap! I know a lot has happened this month and next month there will be even more!

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G

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