Happy 4th Of July

This is one of my favorite holidays to be honest. My husband and I usually stick to being at home. We don’t go and watch fireworks because Loretta is not a fan and the booming has always given me the creeps. There is just something about celebrating our heroes and our country with loud loud booms that seem give people an excuse to drink heavily? We also don’t go out because we live on a dangerous road and every time there is a holiday someone usually dies from drinking and driving on our road.

We do cook out. We do have some kind of American Pie. We do have a drink. But it’s all in remembering the people who made our country what it is. And we talk about how thankful we are.

Every year my husband reads The Declaration Of Independence and we marvel at how far we as a country and a group of people have come. If you need a quick link to it it’s here

No matter how crazy this country gets, no matter how wacko my fellows Americans seem to become, I’m still loyal and I’m still so so proud to be an American. God bless this USofA!!

Living. Loving. Remembering.

Emily A G

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