Our Trip to Anza-Borrego

I’m not a desert person. I’m not a heat person. But of course the 2 trips I have taken this year have been to where? THE DESERT. ANNNNND I went this time in 112 degree heat! What? What? Wait what?? Yes, 112 degrees and we went camping. Not my style usually. Not ever really but there I was. Not prepped at all because I was looking at the wrong weather spot and thought we would be having a high of 74nope.

But we got to see some amazing photos. The husband got to use his father’s day gift on a hike with Loretta. It was all amazing. I got Danny a K9 Sports Sack off of Etsy, which is a backpack to carry Loretta in! She’s got long hair, which usually catches red ants and dogs aren’t usually allowed on any trails so it was so much fun to be able to bring her anyhow. She loved it so much and so did he. You really see the true character of a man when he carries his self proclaimed furbaby up a mile to wind caves in 112 heat and doesn’t even flinch. He wanted to take her further, I wouldn’t go though.

Anza-Borrego is named for it’s night skies and desert mountain sheep. I didn’t see any sheep but the night sky was truly amazing, and not only because it was night time and the sun wasn’t out. We did some dirt road driving through a part called Fish Creek and it was it like driving through the bottom of a dried out river bed. The rock formations were so tall and were crumbling almost before our eyes!

I honestly suggest taking a visit to this desert if you ever around, I just would say to do it in the Winter or Spring. (Just be aware of the rain and flash flooding though. There is a small benefit to going in the summer if you have a good 4×4 and an awesome AC unit.)

For more details about Anza-Borrego check out this link here

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